Opening Soon

The plan was to have most Twisted Tray orders in production and shipped by the end of November 2020. That didn't work out. Current estimate: unknown, but hopefully by March 2021. Read below for an extended explanation from co-founder and CEO Garret Schwartz. If you ordered from this site and would like a refund, let us know: send an email to As many of you already know from social media, our tray project has been repeatedly delayed. The journey to getting the trays into production has been exciting but complicated, largely because the plans to make an injection mold to make the trays fell through after COVID-19 changed the game; no more access to discounted ASU-based machining services and hands-on access to machines, no more revenues from events, and the forceful removal of our successful crowdfunding campaign, from which only a handful of our backers returned to reorder on this store. So, Resinate needs to postpone the production of Twisted Tray orders for the time being. We're mostly focused on maintaining our essential recycling operations and making sure we can continue to do so. We're also preparing a new plan to fulfill these Tray orders, but we're not setting a date. That might sound strange, but we've set multiple dates and reality repeatedly canceled them, so we're going to wait until we're ready this time. But we'll let you know as soon as we have any news about these trays or our readiness to make yours. If you're not comfortable with this delay and would like a refund, please let us know and we will be happy to completely refund your order. We're still on the main mission, collecting and recycling more plastic every month with our partners and finding ways to amplify the impact and value of recycling in the world. That part is going well. If you have questions or concerns about this or anything else, please let me know. Follow the rest of the journey on and at -Garret Schwartz